MCCJC’S Financial Literacy Training
This an 11 Session Program divided into four parts. We will discuss basic, technical financial management, knowledge and skills that one can put into practice in the future.  We also discuss awareness of good financial practices and systems and how to overcome real world pitfalls on the path to financial health.


PART 1.  Laying the Foundation for Financial Literacy

  • Our Money and Relationships
  • Values and Attitudes about Money
  • Challenges to Good Financial Management

PART 2.  Setting Goals and Budget Building

  • Setting Savings Goals
  • Creating a Spending Plan

PART 3.  Integrating Sound Practices into Budgeting

  • Frugal Living      
  • Joyful Giving 
  • Managing Debt
  • Taking Loans

PART 4.  Protecting and Planning for Assets and Net Worth

  • Emergency Funds and Insurance
  • Plan for a Change


  • Income Tracking Forms
  • Expense Tracking Forms
  • Spending Plan Forms